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Receptiv™ puts human experience at the center of mobile video in-app advertising to create an unmatched receptive and emotionally motivated user. Receptiv’s proprietary delivery technology is engineered to understand the degree and direction of human emotion and build a real-time ad experience that reacts to each unique user delivering context and value for an exclusive one-to-one mobile brand experience at scale. Integrated with over 1,300 apps, Receptiv's platform is 100% viewable, measurable and scalable available, both direct and programmatically.

Receptiv™ Proprietary Ad Technology

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Receptiv™ takes your video and creates the most receptive, immersive, and engaging brand-to-human experiences. Mobile-only video experiences that are viewable, measurable and scalable are now available programmatically via Receptiv Video Marketplace or directly through Receptiv Solutions.

  • Native publisher assets
  • High impact emotional moment targeting
  • Real-time value exchange
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Receptiv™ introduces Motiv™: a new mobile-first DMP with unparalleled, custom first-party segments and advanced audience insights. Motiv leverages proprietary in-app behavioral analytics and advanced machine learning models based on more than 150 million mobile devices. Motiv uses predictive modeling algorithms to turn 80+ terabytes of raw, disparate data into targetable and actionable audience segments, powering the next generation of intelligent mobile advertising.

data and insights
  • Proprietary DMP with five years of device-level behavioral, emotional and performance data for unparalleled audience insights
  • >150 MM Unique Device IDs
  • 83% accuracy on key demographic indicators
  • Powerful predictive modeling on 80+ TB of raw, mobile first data

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The new "IT" place for brands

Receptiv™ is the leading mobile video advertising platform focused on providing the most diverse and hottest app environments on the market. Receptiv partners with primetime publishers across fitness, chat, photo, utility, music, entertainment and lifestyle categories. Our premium publisher platform discovers those apps with a cult-like following and orchestrates a beautiful, emotionally attuned brand-to-user experience that is repeatable, viewable and measurable.

App Invitation Criteria:

  • Uniques and Downloads
  • App Loyalty Rating and User Reviews
  • Engagement Rating
  • Degree of High Impact Emotional Moments
  • Content Rating and Management
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Top Trending App Categories

  • Utilities
  • Entertainment
  • Games
  • News
  • Productivity
  • Lifestyle
  • Social Networking
  • Photo
  • Fitness

Receptivity Insights

Learn from the world’s smartest mobile video ad experiences

Industry Insights According to her 2017 report, Mary Meeker is truly "Receptiv" to our business. Here’s how we put her findings into practice every day and in every moment!

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Receptiv™ partnered with world renowned scientist Dr. Thomas Ramsoy of Neurons Inc. and Neuromarketing expert Diana Lucaci of True Impact to conduct a first to market, primary research that quantifies how two popular mobile video ad solutions affect key branding metrics, drive user receptivity, human attention and action beyond the ad introduction.

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Finance Case Study Receptiv™ is the in-app advertising authority delivering high-impact mobile video through rich media while targeting high impact emotions. Learn how Receptiv works with the biggest brands to achieve core brand goals.

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Download the Auto Case Study - Coming Soon

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