Receptiv’s Reliable, Safe, Engaged (RSE) guarantee is our promise to take every precaution, adhere to major industry standards and to continue to innovate products that will propel our partner’s business further. Working with Receptiv means that you can expect that your brand dollars are working hard, are reliable, safe, and all within a curated publisher platform of engaged audiences.

Our clients trust us to deliver high-performing mobile video campaigns, that’s why Receptiv offers a three part guarantee ensuring every component of a campaign is being monitored and optimized for performance. Our guarantee pledges make-good impressions for those that don’t meet our best-in-class performance minimums for all of our managed service campaigns.

Receptiv’s Reliable, Safe, Engaged (RSE) Media Guarantee:

Reliable Media is viewable, free of non-human traffic and reaches the right person.

  • Key partnerships include MOAT, IAS, TAG and Nielsen DAR
  • All mobile web impressions include ads.txt to guarantee direct to publisher relationships
  • Campaign Guarantees
    • 90% viewability for rewarded media/80% for non-rewarded media
    • Less than 2% IVT/NHT

Safe Media is served in environments that exclude violent, lewd or other objectionable content. Receptiv is committed to providing 100% safe environments, free of any vulgar behavior or content that could diminish brand value or the user experience such as obscene language, pornographic content and vulgar user generated content.

To ensure a completely brand-safe environment, App Publishers must complete a three step process for inclusion in the Receptiv platform:

  • Complete both Apple and Google App Store vetting process and approval
  • Complete Receptiv one-on-one evaluation process to assess content, maintenance and engagement for overall health of environment
  • Successfully test and integrate with Receptiv’s software developer kit (SDK)
  • Include ads.txt file in compliance with IAB Tech Labs to eliminate counterfeit mobile web inventory

Engaged Media is any impression targeted to mobile environments that that demonstrate a clear value to their audience, reflected in the time they spend in-app, and the number of times they come back throughout the day or week. These indicators are proven to positively impact a mobile video campaign’s performance and allow brands to earn meaningful scale. Receptiv’s in app portfolio of publisher feature session duration and frequency targets that earns brands 286% higher favorability and engagement rates per Vizu studies. Receptiv platform boasts up to three times the engagement times spent than the most popular mobile platforms: Google, Facebook, YouTube and SnapChat per comScore.

  • Key partnerships include: comScore, AppAnnie
  • Campaign Guarantees
    • 100% of media fall within comScore’s top 20 content app categories
    • Vizu Brand Lift: <20%

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