The leading mobile out-stream video ad format built for brands & publishers without sacrificing the user experience.
Viewable. Safe. Scalable.

100% compliant with the IAB and Coalition for Better Ads

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Ad Age’s top brands rely on Receptiv™ to deliver custom, configurable mobile masterpieces to a receptive and emotionally motivated audience. Work with Receptiv’s team of designers, developers, planners, and optimizers to take your brand's video and creative assets to produce the only emotionally targeted, mobile first brand experience that is proven to earn brands 300% Brand Lift, 2X purchase intent and 500% more engagement.

Trust in Mobile

90% Viewable
0% Fraud
100% Scalable
Premium Video

Engage with video to drive real action.

Reward is the industry’s most effective mobile video format, now available programmatically. Reward features an evolved video delivery method built on human experience taking emotion, user’s frame of mind and need for comprehension to create the most receptive experience for the most actionable audiences.


  • Rewarded Placements Across Mobile Apps
  • Vertical Video
  • Multiple Video Selector
  • 360 Video Experiences
  • Closed Captioning

Expose your audience to more than just a view.

Target mobile audiences with scale and in brand safe environments with Receptiv’s Reach product. Featuring mobile first inventory, Reach is viewable, brand safe and scalable.


  • Closed Captioning
  • Pre-Cached Hi Def Video
  • Non-Skippable and Skippable Placements

The Next Generation in High Performing Video on Mobile Web.

Reveal, the industry’s highest performing mobile video ad unit earns superior viewability and completion rates across the mobile web. 100% compliant with the Coalition for Better Ads and the IAB, Reveal delivers HD video to your consumers across the most premium mobile web environments.

Custom Engagements

Imagine mobile masterpieces that stand out by fitting in.

Receptiv provides the world’s biggest brands an unmatched immersive mobile in app experience. Ingratiate your brand into the world’s hottest apps with mobile first masterpieces that over perform on brand awareness, comprehension and product exploration. Receptiv builds custom, yet scalable, immersive mobile masterpieces that makes brands stand out by truly fitting in. Your user will thank you.

  • Custom Brand Experiences
  • App Sponsorships
Custom Engagements