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High Performing Programmatic Video Meets Brand Safety Exclusively through Receptiv

Receptiv Solutions

The Right Apps, The Right Moments, The Right Performance

Receptiv’s Video Marketplace brings over 500 new mobile app and web environments to programmatic buyers delivering highly viewable and 100% brand safety to brands. HD video delivered through rewarded or non-rewarded and skippable or non-skippable, Receptiv’s proprietary contextual ad format creates real-time connections featuring publisher assets and value exchange for a superior programmatic experience.

  • 100% Mobile, In App HD Video
  • 100% Viewable
  • 100% Direct Receptiv SDK Integrations
  • Exclusive Receptiv App inventory
  • Skippable, Non-Rewarded
  • Proprietary Contextual Ad Container


80%+ Viewable
100% Measurable
5% CTR
90% Viewable

Brand Safety

Leave viewability, non-human traffic, fraud, and ad blocking to us. We’re always-on with MOAT and IAS, and TAG certified to ensure only the most receptive users are engaging with your brand.

Brand Safety